Bodhran Players Badges

Bodhran Players Badges

A new unique series of badges for bodhran players

Here we present the first 4 badges

We also present the only Inis Oirr badge (not on stock)


Bodhran Players Badges unite Bodhran Players Badges Beat Them All Inis Oirr Aran Islands PaceinPeace iBod


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1 pcs EUR 7,00

2 pcs EUR 11,00

3 pcs EUR 12,75

4 pcs EUR 15,50

5 pcs EUR 17,00

10 pcs EUR 27,00

11 pcs EUR 29,00

The badges (Unite and Beat them All Ø 5 cm) (Pace In Peace and iBod Ø 6 cm) comes with Velcro (Hook on the bagside and a piece of cloth with loop - this you can place on your bodhran bag)

The Inis Oirr badge is Ø7cm and comes without velcro.

At the moment the INIS OIRR badge is only available at An Ceard Shiopa on Inishere

(The Craft Shop)